About Us

Clickhere2shop powered by Rush Recommerce is a new way to shop the same items you love for less. Save even more on returned and like-new items! Featuring an ever-changing selection of finds up to 70% OFF less than anywhere online, Clickhere2shop has an endless selection of designer-inspired pieces and must-have styles. We provide deep discounts on items that were returned. You never know what you’ll find here, so check back daily to see what new surprises await!


Our Sourcing

Open-box items are items that were opened and then returned by the customer. They’re unused and have been returned because of size, color, or customers’ preference. By “rescuing” these returned items that have lots of life left in them, we’re keeping them out of landfills and cutting down on waste. We always try to use the original packaging whenever possible to stay eco-friendly and give our customers the best shopping experience, just like shopping from the original retailer. 


How Do We Determine a Product’s Quality?

Our team inspects every item that comes back to us. Because each item is unique and a one-of-one, we accurately describe each item’s condition after our thorough quality check. Missing components or scratches and scuffs will always be indicated. Many open-box items come to us in their original packaging in like-new condition. The box may not be in the best shape sometimes, but the products inside are inspected to ensure you’re getting the best quality at the best price. 

Rescued Returns

Open-box means saving on brand new products. The only thing less than perfect might be the original packaging or boxes because they’ve been opened, but you’ll save BIG on what’s inside!

Save your wallet and the planet

If you’re looking for something specific for your home, or just browsing for that special piece, open-box is a great way to shop. You get a returned, like-new items for less (way less!) often in original packaging. The boxes and packaging may not always be perfect, but the products inside are just like buying from the original retailer (for less).

Open-box items are inspected and verified before they’re listed to ensure the best quality. Buying open-box is also responsible and good for the environment, as these large-scale pieces are kept out of landfills and the original packaging is used. 

We stand behind all our products: you may return any purchase to us within 30 days of receiving it. Happy Shopping!

Sustainable Rescued Returns